Bank Delayed Payment of Foreign Currency Checks

Hello, I am an ICICI Bank customer. I have deposited two foreign currency checks on 23/11/2015 which are not cleared as if now. 39 days have been passed since then however on their website they have clearly mentioned that FCCs originated from US in USD would be cleared in 15 international days or 21-25 days (Indian days). Now, I lodged a complaint with their online NRI services portal for resolution of such issues. However, until now they are unable to confirm the whereabouts of the checks and also I have lodged a complaint with their Nodal officer. When I went to the bank branch in my city where I had deposited my checks the executives of the bank seem uncooperative and couldn't find the details on their FCC/FCI register. They assured me and told me that they would provide me information regarding my checks through the phone. However, they never reverted/called back. Now, I want to know that how may I proceed to the complaint with the Banking Ombudsman under the RBI scheme? And also, how would I be proceeding with the consumer court?