Ex wife intentionally disturbing my life

Greetings, I am in a embarrassing situation in society. I got divorce in 2013 from a love-marriage via Mutual consent in Bangalore, we have no kid* I couldnt survive with her extra modern life style and inclination towards men hence we grew apart. Tried for 4 years to beg her to divorce me. And she finally happily divorced me in 2013 as she was looking to get resettled. I took not even one penny from her parents and marriage was in a temple. She still kept going out with men after our divorce as i recived informations from common friends for some time. I came back to my family i left because of her, as i had no place. They accepted me some how and now i am remarried with consent of family and about to be a father. About Alimony- papers states that i had to pay her rent till she remains single. She also kept asking me financial favors which i kept transferring to her bank account before my remarriage. * i remembered mutual lawyer said i have to pay rent for 2 years only. I never paid her landlord or never seen her agreements of rented place post divorce. I just paid to her for an year rent and then whenever whatever she asked. Now all of sudden she is threatening me to Drag me to court for not fulfilling Alimony. About my ex wife- highly qualified. she is one of the directors and partners in a good established firm. And she earns multiple time of my salary and owns car worth 20lacs. She had some man in her life which i know as once she mailed me something about him, but he is also married. She is working currently at a high rank. Her parents stay in Same city. Still she dont live with them. So I dont see her getting married in near future. And as per her life style she might shift to a rented bunglow of monthly rent 60,000 Rs. She is doing all this out of her ego issues as far as i know her. My past wrong decisions are troubling my family and my new wife also. About me- i earn 60k per month post al investments lic emi and taking care of my retired father, am hardly left with anything to plan my kids future. 1. I wish to get rid of her, as she isnt letting me live peacefully. 2. Can i get out of alimony forever? Because she doesnt need it actually. 3. Divorce decree doesnt mention the actual amout in Rupees to be paid as Alimony each month as rent. So there is no proper description of amount to be paid. Just word RENT is mentioned. Can i plea for a solution on that if i have to pay alimony?