My husband and monther spoiling my life

I got married in 2008 it was arranged marriage. My husband works in IT financial company. After marriage there is no much relationship and love between us. I stayed with my In-laws. My husband is completely under control of his parents no individual thinking and all the decision will be taken by mother-in-law only. Even at home mother-in-law will not allow to talk with my husband freely. After married for 9 months we both travelled USA. In USA also he does maintain good relationship and never talk to me freely. There is always fight between us during this time I got to know that he married forcibly with me because he was having affair with other girl before marriage. and finally one day it went very seriously then he agreed forcibly to have good relationship for few days. But I did not took very seriously which was the past story and I was thought now he does not have in contact with her. Now I have a girl with 2.5 years. After that again there is no physical relation not even a good friend or a person. Always he will be in call with some other people and parents till mid night 1-2 AM. Again come back to same old story. And whatever he earns everything will goes to his sister’s family. He just put me like a cooking person at home and for outside world show like he got married. After 2 years staying in USA first I return back to India and stayed with my parents for 9 months after that due to expiration of visa my husband also come back to India. After return back to India. Bangalore, I have doubts that he having affair with other girls. As he travels alone to HYD and always talks to girl. If I ask any thing he never revel anything. Using IPhone tracking I have seen some other girl’s pictures in some hotel location. I said these things to my in-laws. But my in-laws support to his son. And my mother-in-law’s son-in law works as a layer. But he takes all the money from my mother-in-laws only. And my mother in law and husband as well ready to give all the money and property to them only. Now I am mentally and physical in depressed. I want to stay happy with my kid and husband but my mother will not allow us to stay happily. Because if my husband listen my words she will not get money and she will not able to give to her (I.e. My Mother-In-Law) son-in-law. My mother-in-law and my husband expect to bring money or property from my parents. There is no support from any one now. Pls suggest what I should do now. My husband never take care of me and my daughter. Currently a month ago I written back to my parents. I have discussed all these matters in front of my In-Laws and their son-in-law and my parents. But there is no use. As their Son-In-law gets complete properly from them him against me. And come to know that he is a big fraud person as well couple of days back. I still wanted to wait for few months. But now my husband and In-Laws not interested to take me back. They want to fight with my parents and me. Can I able to file Cheating case and dowry harassment and maintenance against him? Even if they agreed to take me back after couple of months, how can I get protection from my husband and in-laws? If I file case against him does that Impact his IT career? Can HR remove him from the IT Company? Pls suggest.