Suggestion required about accident case!!!

I'm 23years old. on dec,28th 6:30pm a person hit me with bike on highway in public area and ran away leaving his bike there. i was crossing the road from a petrol bunk switched on my indicator, blowing horn and crossing at low speed watching the road. suddenly a person came towards overtaking the auto and hit me perpendicularly and we both fell off. i got a small fracture on my rt ankle. he had a small head injury for which he was unconscious. after 10 min he woke up and escaped in a auto. later the police came and took our bikes and logged case. and forced me to file case against even though i'm not willing to. they said that it's mandatory so i did. the other guy didn't came back till now. i got a learning license only. now the police are saying that whole mistake is mine. that i took a wrong turn. i haven't turned on the indicator and so on.. the indicator was turned on even after the accident.. he too saw it but now he saying that what's the proof.. he is not giving my bike.. and saying i and my dad have to go to jail. he is not finding details about the other guy. if we ask about it he is firing at me. i don't know what to do sir. is learning license not valid? i have govt job interview TSPSC in jan 2016 and will i get rejected if i have a police case... i heard that he takes a lot o bribe but we are a middle class family and not able to afford that. no ones helping us..the constables had already took 4000 up to now saying that money foy paper work stamps, and they said they will give our bike back, they asked for liquor and every night they are calling my dad for liquor.. please help me sir to get out of this