Its regarding property

This is a general property issue, not a rare one but for me and my family it matters a lot. My father owns a plot where my uncle's (my father's brother) family and my grandmother used to live a few years back but the property is owned by my father. After the death of my grandmother we decided to construct a home on the half of this plot and give the another half to my uncle's family (because even after so many years we couldn't manage to buy a new house otherwise the whole plot we'd have given to them). Just to tell u that my father and my family has done a lot for my uncle but he is a hard drinker and he always ruined every opportunity provided. Now when we have constructed the house and living there, they always abuse us and the friends who visit our home. Even their children abuse my father, mother, brother. My father is one of the most reputed and honest persons of the city so he has always avoided to get into this but my brother couldn't, he cant hear a word against my father, mother. I fear of a big fight that might finish off leaving no one happy behind. Please give me some advice how to get rid of this problem. Please help me. In waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance. Ravi Pratap Singh