Property Dispute

My name is Shabnam. I got married to Mr. Ahmed on dated 9/12/2009. My husband is working in Dubai. My in-law told my parents and me that my husband has 4 sister and he is only brother and all the sister are married and the house is in my husband’s name. But after marriage I came to know that my matrimonial house is in the name of my husband’s Uncle (mother’s brother) and his uncle is his foster parent, but there is no legal documentation or proof of it but my husband’s, his mother’ and my all the documents are on the same house address. Also I came to know that my matrimonial house is under SRA project and when SRA authorities were making the agreement my husband was out of India, so my mother –in-law made the SRA agreement in the name of one of my sister-in-law. But after the death of my mother-in-law and her brother, my sister-in-law has changed her mind and she is denying transferring that property in my husband’s name. On behalf of all this disputes I filed Domestic Violence Application and complaint u/s 145 of Cr.p.c before the MM court against my 4 sisters-in-law (my husband is not a party in said cases) and MM Court delivered Domestic Violence EX-party judgement in my favour i.e. residence Order- remove all the respondent from the said premises. With the help of police and Protection officer I got possession of the said premises. But my in-laws filed case against the judgement in Session Court and the case was re-opened. But meanwhile the Builder who has taken the plot of the said premises gave cheque to my in-laws without informing me as well as the said premises was demolished by the Builder without my permission or knowledge. now the building is almost ready. i have fear that if building gave said room to my sister-in-law. so please advice me what I do. Thank You