Mental torture by inlaws

I am married from last 4.5 yrs... was blessed with twins 2 yrs back one son n daughter. Since the time I was expecting my mother in law n my sis in law (jethani) starting being rude n cruel to me... I have even faced a miscarriage b4 bcoz they didn't let me go to the doc. My MIL n SIL both used to fight n create scenes wen my husband used to be out for work... I used to complain to him but he doesn't have the guts to fight with his family. The torture continued to increase. My sis in law took a backseat and started provoking my mom in law to fight with me. She even started hu ting me physically like by hitting me accidently while opening fridge or cupboards in kitchen. She started accusing my parents also. I have video recordings to prove how badly she treats me even my husbands brother has entered fights n spoke to me rudely for his mom wen my husband was not at home. My mom in law doesn't even looks at my 2 yr old twins. My husbands elder brother has 2 daughters n this is one reason for jealousy that we have a son. N another reason is that with mine n my husbands savings we have bought a property in my name. My mom in law became furious about y my husband didn't buy property on her name. They started calling me names.n even told me several times to get out of the house with my children wen my husband is not Ard. Sometimes I used to fyt back... but all in vain I would cry n carry both my children to my room. But didn't leave the house as my husband was with me. In recent times she stated linking me with my father in law n calling names with which I got depressed n ate 15 combifla me to commit suicide. I was rushed to hospital where I was kept in icu for 3 days this happened on 7th Dec 2015. I came to my mom's place from there n till date I am here. Police case is at rest as I have not given any statements yet. Bcoz my father in law promised he would seperate us n give us our share. But till date nothing is happening my husband is also frustrated fought but no result. My mom in law says she doesn't wants to give anything to me or my children. .. wat can be done