Marriage Registration

Hi, My query is regarding the registration of my marriage, which took place in Oct 2014. I would like to give you a brief background about the marriage. My name is Arvind Kumar and I was a born Hindu. I accepted Islam out of my free will in May 2014, and took an Islamic Name Md. Furqan. Post this, I married a muslim girl in Oct 2014. I also got a marriage certificate issued by the Shaher Qazi, Jama Masjid, New Delhi, which was stamped by the Home and External Affairs Ministries. I was told that this marriage certificate is valid for all legal purposes in India and abroad. 1. I want to now also go for the registration of my marriage, attested by the Govt. Of India. Is it necessary to register my marriage again under the govt. of India? What exactly is the procedure for the same in Mumbai, as I am currently based in Mumbai. 2. My name on the certificate has been written as "Arvind Kumar (Mohd. Furqan)". How would my new name look like in my new marriage certificate? I have a few more Questions and would like to get in touch with an expert on the same. Regards