Divorce and alimony

I have been married since 10 years now, I was Hindu by birth and converted to Islam for marriage with a Muslim guy. He is constantly leaving jobs and sitting idle at home. From last two years he is having affair with his elder brothers wife, (she stays with her mom after having fights with her husband) My husband stays with her every Friday Saturday Sunday or even more days. He is not giving me financial support. Has completely broken all relationship with me and does not even give me divorce. He says if I want to leave I can leave and walk away from his home he does not care at all. I do a job, he also has a problem with me working and also stops me from visiting my parents because they are Hindu. He calls me barren land coz I couldn't bore children also because he said he is not capable of taking responsibility of the children nor me. I want to get out of the relationship but also want maintenance from him. What case can I file against him? i was married as per Islam. can i file mutual consent divorce or file a maintenance case with domestic violence & cruelty? please advice.