Advice For Consent Letter.

Hi, I have purchased flat in Sept, 2013 for which possession date as per agreement was Sept, 2015. But due to financial crisis our builder has not completed 40% of construction work. We dont have any option then to go legally against our builder in National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). For this we have formed flat buyers group and trying to summit our group case. We have also formed committee internal in our group to handle all legal work. We are now in process of taking consent from individual flat buyers on behalf of committee. Could you please verify is below format for consent letter appropriate or do we need to add anything more in it? Consent Cum Authority Letter For Ad-hoc Committee Proposed <Project Name> To Whomsoever It May Concern, I, the undersigned have purchased flat from <Builder Name, Project Address> . Further, I do hereby give my consent to the Ad-hoc Committee Proposed. The said ad-hoc committee has been formed on <Date Of Formation> in the meeting of all flat purchaser held at project site. I was present in the said meeting & agree to all the resolutions passed in the meeting. Or I was not present in the said meeting, but I have gone through the resolution passed in the meeting & I fully agree to the same. The said consent cum authority letter is given for the following acts/things to be done on behalf of me. 1. To issue notice to the builder. 2. To make complaint to the local authority, police, government and various department of government & NGO etc. 3. To file complaint on behalf of me in appropriate court / arbitrator. 4. To collect money for various activities pertaining to the above actions. 5. To file affidavits on behalf of me. 6. To negotiate / compromise on behalf of me with builder/local authority/NGO. 7. To nominate advocate/person /institute/ organization for all and above acts. 8. To pay fees, charges, expenses for various activities on my behalf. Name of flat purchases: ____________________________________________________________ Project Name: ----------------------------- Wing Name: ______________ Flat No: _________________ Current Residential Address of flat purchases: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________ Phone No:_________________________ Date: _______________________ (Signature)