Employer not paying fnf dues.

Sir I resigned from co. in Mar, 2015 after seeing the bad financial health of the co. and till date they are not paying my dues and always tell that it will take some more time as co. financial health is not well. Lately I understand that the co. is closing its operation and filed a letter with ROC. They had deposited the PF and TDS in September, 2015 pertaining to last year, I have got my PF and gratuity amount but salary, perks and reimbursement expenses are still pending. Please advise which authorities we can approach. I worked for 13 years and noting my long association just telling them to pay but now it is too much as they are taking it for granted. It is a very old Public Ltd co. and got shares listed in BSE and one of the units/ factory in Gwalior where I was employed is functionally closed and are getting its books closed whereas the other two units in NCR under the same co. is running. The company is one and the balance sheet is filed jointly. Please advise what authorities I should approach and what will, be the course of action, What is the time frame wherein I should fight for my claims. There may be some left employees who left co. and also awaiting their settlement. Very few employees who are still working their salary is also not been paid for last 3 months but due to their age and retirement they are at their mercy. your opinion what is the possibility of getting my dues. Thanks and best rgds Abhay