Regarding the caste panchayat in Bihar

Hello sir, I belong to a village in Bihar. I am currently 25, working in an IT company in Bangalore. The caste panchayat in my village has outcasted our family because of a land dispute between our family and the panchayat, which is under trial in court. We have been the victim of the panchayat's decision for the last 17 years. According to their judgment, our family including the women and children have been devoid of visiting or attending any function or ceremony in our relative's home. They have also asked others not to do any kind of local business with us which is the primary source of income for the people belonging to this caste. This way, we have struggled a lot in terms of business. Any person belonging to their caste violating this rule is asked to pay a hefty amount as penalty and is outcasted from the caste for one year. This has already happened few times in past. Their judgment has also affected the social development of our family members including children and women who have been debarred from talking to any member of the caste and keeping them aloof from day to day social activities. We have made several complaints regarding this including writing to the women commission but till now no major action have been taken in this regard, hence our situation has been as such for the last 17 years. I would request you to kindly guide us as to what process we should follow so that we can live a peaceful life as no human being can live without society. Thanks