NOTE : This is being questioned on behalf of someone else. I got married with my sister-in-law's sister and she was the marriage counsellor b/w two family so the thing is that i was against this marriage,but i was being forced by my family(sister-in-law(the marriage counsellor) & parents) for this marriage and was being threatened several times by my family either u leave the family & home or go for marriage. As i'm totally dependent on my family's business and m illiterate(even not matric pass) so was under pressure of my family so wat i did i told everything to the girl to who i was about to marry that i'm totally against this marriage and i have an relationship with some other girl so tell your parents about this (told her no. of times but she didn't tell her parents about this and she talked about this to the marriage counsellor who was her sister(who is my bhabhi) and bhabhi told her sister not to tell anything to her parents about this and she did the same)...................so i was forced to marry her now its been one year since married i have no sort of realtionship (physicaly or mentaly) with her and nothing is good b/w us so i called for divorce and even her parents don't want send her and they too called for divorce but now the thing is my father has expelled me out of family and property but her parents insisted on money in return and costing huge budget which neither i nor my family can afford .....even she has all the gold of marriage and after marriage time with her....and they threatening to file a case against me and my family ..... so suggest me if my family refuse to pay demand of theirs 1. What kind of case can be filed against me(if there is any to be filed) ? 2. Will i or any of my family members will go to jail? 3. If above so then how can i prevent myself and my family against filed case? 4.What precautionary steps i can take ....as i'm unemployed now and illiterate..? 5.Will my legality of being against marriage and telling the girl not to marry me will be heard in court? 6.If a case is filed then among family members whos name can girl file against (does it include Mother,father,brother ,sister and Uncle Aunt too?? Please suggest me with best of your Knowlegde................ NOTE : This is being questioned on behalf of someone else.