Should I file for divorce? My wife has been repeatedly threatening an acid attack on our six-year-old child if I don’t listen to my wife’s unjust demands. She physically and mentally tortures the child repeatedly and has also tortured me quite often in the past. For instance, she punches the child hard in the stomach. She throws a duster at the child. She throws a walking stick at the child. She twists the child’s arms. She throws her off the bed. She hits her hard on the knees. She has become very violent and regularly prevents me from going to work. She has also threatened to break my legs and cripple me if I report for duty to my office. She has also threatened to commit suicide. She was taken to a psychiatrist but she has torn up her psychological report. I have the photo copy. She repeatedly threatens to destroy the property papers of my parental home. I believe that my father-in-law, who has been staying with us off and on has been inciting my wife directly or indirectly. My wife is putting pressure on me to declare on a blank piece of paper that my share of the parental property will go to her and not to me. She destroyed my mobile phone and SIM recently. We got married seven years and seven months ago. Just a year after marriage, she started assaulting me, when I tried to interact with my father who was alive at that time. Surprisingly, there are times when she takes very good care of me and even goes out of her way to help me. All this has left me confused. Should I file for divorce?