Dowry harraasement

Mrs radha got married Mr. muruli, the respondent herein, on 26.4.2006 and at the matrimonial home she is prohibited from talking to others, and the husband has been demanding for gold and money from the family and also harassing her. four months back he sent her to the parental home where she was compelled to stay for almost four months. so far husband did not come to take her back to the matrimonial home, but she was returned twice with the fond and firm hope that the bond of wedlock would be sustained and cemented with love and peace but as the misfortune would have it, the demand continued and the harassment was used as a weapon for fulfilment of the demand. The situation has been gradually worsened and it became unbearable for her to stay at the matrimonial home. At that juncture, she sought help of her parents who came and took her to the parental home at bangalore where she availed treatment. Being deserted and ill-treated and, in a way, suffering from fear psychosis she took shelter in the house of her parents and all her hopes got shattered for reunion. what would be the solution for this problem. But, still she is ready to go to matrimonial home. but, the egotism of the husband and in-laws turns her life to this way. kindly help us.