Execution of WILL and transfer of property

Sir, My grandfather & grandmother made combined WILL in 2005-2006, In which, I am the executor of the WILL. He made his signature & single Witness thereon (Witness is M.B.B.S. Doctor). WILL is not registered but on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper. He was expired in 2007 & grandmother expired in 2011. In the WILL they have one residential Flat of 200 Sq. Yards. As per WILL the said flat is to be transfer to his Grand Grand Son (who is minor). At the execution time, daughters of My grand father made interruption in 2011 and now all are satisfy with the distribution as per the WILL. But now SOCIETY is not ready to transfer the said property as they said earlier in your family there is dispute, so you have to take probate only. I doesn't want to go to court, neither agree with the condition of the society, now what I have to do, any legal way is there? any judgement is there? Grandfather & grandmother have registered nominee for the said property and in the WILL they clearly mentioned that the nominee is registered for time being and finally all the assets and other belong is to be distributes as per the WILL, Now give me suggestion what I have to do. my EMAIL - [deleted]