Cheque bounce case - 6 year still going on

Hi All, I have filled cheque bounce case against my previous owner, who was supposed to pay my lease amount of 3 Lacs, it is almost 6 years I am waiting for judgment and attended all the hearings but the accused had only attended first session in which he acknowledge that he has to pay the amount and cheque was dis-horned due to insufficient balance. Court had issued NBW twice but nothing happened, since accused wife is lawyer and because of her police is not daring to arrest the accused instead asking me to monitor his moments and inform police about his presence so that they can arrest him, I don’t understand for what we are paying taxes! Now for third time I have the NBW but when I approached police station then they say it is not a major case and there is nothing they can do. My lawyer does not even open his mouth in front of Honorable judge, when asked why don't you speak then he says if I do that then judge will dismiss the case! I am stuck from both the ends (my lawyer and police). So please let me know how can I get it resolved? And also please clarify below 1. It is true that there are chances that case may get dismissed since it is pending from long time and accused is not appearing in court? 2. Is there any action that can be taken against accused wife (lawyer)? 3. Do you believe that I need to change my lawyer? 4. It is for sure that police is negligent on this, is there anything we can do on this? 5. Since it is 6 yrs, I am expecting twice the amount + other expenses incurred in legal procedures, it is possible get it? Let me know if you need any other information to provide better suggestion. With Regards, Farooq Abdulla