Spurious gold loan case

I am Manager in Pragathi Krishna gramin bank 11 months back i reported from Raichur branch to open new branch at Chitradurga As we do not have knowledge to identify gold our regional Manager appointed appraiser to our branch So far we have given 100 gold loans in one loan i got doubt and self investigated and found big fraud at our branch Out of 100 accounts 28 customer appraiser, Reappriser all put together taken loans on spurious gold of Rs112 lakh Immediately i informed our regional head and as per his advice i filed case against appraiser and re appraiser Both were arrested immediately and in 2 months they applied their bail petition and it was rejected then police have made first accused and followed by appraisers and re appraiser and customers Total 31 people are accused and mine as A1 without any evidence police have filed false charge sheet against me. Once i become A1 both appraiser and reappriaser got bail. With all documents i have also applied bail and i got bail. Now i have to stand along with those culprits and have to go when they call accused. How can i saparate myself from them Kindly give advice how can i come out from my charges? They have made our senior officials Regional manager, Senior manager as oral statements as vitness and they are saying they have not told like that even my bank also not given any complaint against me Now what to do kindly guide me..