A LOC has been issued against me on regarding 498a

Hi, I got married on 2nd of March, 2014 in Hyderabad, India as per Muslim Marriage Act, and after the brief stay of 2 weeks in India I came back to Saudi Arabia to rejoin my duties (in Dammam) and my wife also returned to Saudi Arabia to join her parents in Riyadh. In initial period of my stay overhear in Saudi Arabia I used to visit my wife in Riyadh over the weekends and used to request her to join me in Dammam but all in vain n there used to be lot of debates regarding this with her and her family but all in vain as she refused to join me overhear in Dammam. Then I stopped visiting her but to my surprise she went to India in March, 2015 and filed a 498a case against me and my family members and a LOC has been issued against me, to this my questions are as follows: a) Is the LOC valid for the period of one year and it is automatically removed on the lapse of the year. b) Over here the Indian Embassy is denying to attest my VAKALATNAMA and asking me to go to India without appointing a Lawyer, I need this VAKALATNAMA so that I can apply for a bail. c) Do the Embassy has the rights to deny to attest me. d) What will happen if I go to India after a period of 12 months (a year) from the time to issuing the LOC. I would highly appreciate if you all help me out in this regard.