Land Acquisition

Respected Sir/Madam National Highway authority is acquiring my land for the new national highway no 211 in Maharashtra State. My land is on this highway and very small strip of 15 meter width of land is going to acquire for this highway. As per rule of national highway act 1956 NHA is not allow to utilized our land for any structure up to 75 m in deep from center line of the highway for which they don't pay any compensation, NHA occupy this valuable land free of cost under the name of prohibited area/control area, means without paying any compensation of this land NHA claim their rights on this land and act as the owner of this property without paying any compensation for this land. My land is only two acre and after acquisition I will lose mostly all land. In the compensation of 15 meter/1700 sq meter land they are acquiring under the name of prohibited area/control area free of cost which is injustice with me. My question is occupying a valuable big portion of land free of cost along with legal acquisition of small portion of land is illegal. So what is legal action I can take against the action of land acquisition officer and NHA? Can I claim compensation for control area/prohibited area land too along with legal acquisition land? Can I file any suit in the court of law? Please give a proper advice with available references.