Pending salary from employer after resigning it due typhoid

Hi Sir, I am Manasa from bangalore. I worked in a level 3 MNC as a contractor for IBM from July 7th 2011 to Mar 15 2012. Employer pays the salary on the 7th day of a month. I had suffered from severe typhoid fever during the period of (Feb-Mar 2012) month and continued to work from hospital itself due to some pressure from teamlead. After 1 month gradually, I became to weak by losing weight of 28 kilos due to a banned drug reaction and resulted in severe anemia & calcium loss.Again, I was admitted in ICU for low blood platelet count & severe rashes all over the body . So my brother had forwarded the medical certificates to the company through the mail stating that the condition is serious.I didn't received any call from the company regarding health insurance and claim.Even though , I worked for March month by filling timesheets and received no payment from company. Suddenly they called my dad and collected the laptop at that stage and didn't even dropped a official mail regarding my status. I was hospitalized for morethan 1 year and tragedy continued in my life without food and water 6-8 months and had blood transfusion for 4 times.After losing hope on life , I was discharged from reputed hospital and finally one ayurvedic doctor took my case with an interest and treated me slowly in 6 months.I got a new life back after restoring my body metabolism to normal state. I have sent a resignation mail in Aug 2013 for experience letter and they accepted it and asked me to complete exit process formalities. Slowly I have recovered my health to normal state by Dec 2013 and formally resigned the company on Jan 2014.During the Exit process, I have clearly asked for serving Notice period of 1- 3 months and he didn't mentioned anything to me.As per HR policy it takes two weeks to release the employee and to do FNF settlement. I have called 'n' no of times and also sent many mails to the concerned HR for serving Notice period , pending salary , PF process and relieving letter. They never responded to my calls and mails.In Feb 2014, I had good offer in level 5 MNC and didn't joined the company due to the pending of relieving letter from previous company. But, HR person took 3 months for sending the scanned copy of relieving letter and is also not interested to pay pending salary and PF process stating i.e loss to company. My current salary pack is 40k and pending amount is for 38 days. Company has converted the Notice period days to the no of working days and is asking to pay them the amount of 45000 for PF clearance. Now, I lost my career for 2 years and spent 8-10 lakhs for medical treatment. Today, I am alive only because of god's blessing and family love & support. Finally, I have received the great physical and mental pain from employer for being sincere in my work.I am unemployed now and searching for a new job in bangalore. Do I have right to file complaint in labour office for this injustice. Please let me know your valuable suggestions. Appreciate your quick response!!!! Thanks, Manasa