My middle name is missing from 10th (CBSE) Marks Sheet of my son

My full name as per all my ID documents is DINESH CHANDRA ARORA. However, while filling up the School Admission form (DPS, Hyderabad) of my son I mistakenly (also because the same was mentioned in his DOB Certificate) mentioned is as DINESH ARORA (missing the middle name). The same got appeared in his 10th Marks Sheet issued in 2014 by CBSE , Chennai. I am being advised that I should get the same corrected keeping in view of his prospects going/settling down abroad and not to take any chance of any possible hurdle. I applied for the same but CBSE Chennai has rejected the application. I understand that they expect a court order to make such change. My questions are: (i) Is is worthwhile taking this much pain just to insert father's middle name in the Educational documents whereas in all other IDs (including my son's DOB Certificate, which now got amended after this advice) the full name is there including my Son's Passport. (ii) Would/Can this create a problem in issuing any VISA or Green Card etc.? (iii) If I have to Court which Court I have to go? Would it be High Court Chennai or any lower court? (iv) Can I go to the lower court of current stay of city i.e. Kota (Rajasthan) Would be grateful to get the anwer? Thanks in advance Dinesh C Arora