Property divide between 4 sons

We are 4 sons for my father passed away. 40% of the property (agricultural land,houses,land) is in my mother name and 60% of property in my father name. Due to personal issues, one my brother telling I will sign on the property document , even if I do not get property share I am fine , let the properties will in our father and mother names. So ,1. is there any other way to go head and divide property (on mothers and fathers names) with out my brother signature ? If yes , will it be not a problem at all in future. 2.Is the 40% of property, which is in my mother name ,Is my mother has power/rights to share property to 3 sons with out 4th sons signature. 3.Is the 60% of my father property , can be transfer to my mother name without sons signaturs ? 4.can 3 sons issue legal notice to 4th son from court ,saying that "he is not ready to sign on property documents ,so please make some legal action on him to come to sign on property documents". Note : There is no will document from my father.