Online mobile purchase and wrong advertisement.

Sir I have purchased Wammy Titan 5 smartphone from WickedLeak ( (Indian Company) but on receiving this handset there were some issues which i am raising from the first day. 1. Smart gesture wake feature is not advertised on the website but same is there on the BOX of the Wammy Titan 5 mobile and in WickwdLeak site it is mentioned that wammy titan 5 handset takes everything that made previous generation Titan 4 great (Titan 4 have smart gesture control feature which is not there in Titan 5). This is False/ Deceptive advertisement and Misleading illustrations about the Smart Gesture control. Everything means everything. 2. WickedLeak is an Indian company and this phone doesn’t support all Indian 4G band(B40) which is also not mentioned in the advertisement. Jargon in public advertisements are always misguiding and present wrong facts about the product to the customers. WickedLeak have written on you website about 4G Being a customer I don’t know about FDD LTE or TDD LTE, but being a consumer whether 4G is working or not matters. And I wish to use Airtel 4G which is presently not supported in this device and also not mentioned anywhere on their the site. So thy used Jargons (FDD LTE) in their website which is misleading the customers. 4. After researching about this device and its solution online I came to know that this is not an Indian manufacturing device and is re branded by WickedLeak This phone is Chinese make (Actual Name – Elephone-p8000) please check link below. and to my big surprise on further research about this device I came to know even iberry Auxus is selling this mobile in India with name iberry Axus P8000. Please check below links to get the complete details. ginhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=c[deleted]f7-46de-9e08-b17b9 2573876>&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=c[deleted]f7-46de-9e08-b17b92573876 Actually this is Chinese mobile which two different Indian companies are selling in India with their name. Amazone Indian is clearly mentioning that iberry Axus P8000 is actually Elephone P8000 which they are selling but WickedLeak are misguiding customers. I wwent for this mobile to support make in India concept initiated by Prime minister on India but I feel like cheated. please help. WickedLeak is claiming 100% money back grantee if problem raised within 7 days which I did. After my request many time they asked me to return the handset which I did. But after 6-7 days they are sending back the same mobile but not refunding my money.