Breaking of Govt quarter without notice

I am a retired person living in company provided quarter from last 5 years giving rent as penalty every month from my pension. Few month back my company started breaking down of abandoned quarters and giving new quarters to existing employees and no quarters to retired persons. But while the course of breaking down the quarters we were never informed or served and notice to me nor my family members. Suddenly few local contractor people came and broke my neighbor house which was vacant and made our quarter unsafe as the design of the quarters are made in such a way that if one house gets destroyed the separation wall gets open between both the quarters. Then went to state office and talked to the state officer and asked him why this incident happened, then he replied saying my quarter and my neighbor quarter is abandoned as per the report submitted my maintenance dept. and also several notice were served to vacant the quarter to me but when i asked to show me the notice which was served to me the officer changed the topic and asked me what i want from them now, then i requested to give me 3 months change i will my self vacant the qtr and he agreed for the same verbally. Again 2 days back few line mens came and they disconnected my quarters electric supply then i immediately went to state officers he refused to talk over the same and asked me to talk to the DGM, I went there and talked to him then he started shouting saying we have informed you serving several notice which you have received. When asked by me to show the notice which i had done receiving and also the abandoned report with sample but if not found i will file a case on you the DGM got silent and asked me to talk with project head. I went to the project head and waited outside his office for 3 hr but he did not called me inside in respect to my request to give me 3 month stay with proper facilities he did not responded and after 3 hrs while going back to his home he just told me on his way out from office he can’t give electric supply and went away. I am a senior citizen person suffering from adiabatic and my wife from hipper tension. The way the dept. behaving with us is giving us mental harassment. can anyone please help me and my wife on how to get 3-4 months stay.