Reg Divorce filed at Delhi Family court while both are from UAE

I was married to an Indian citizen in UAE at Dubai consulate on 29th May 2014. When she was carrying at 8th month during Jan 2015, she and her parents decided not to be anymore connected with me and without my knowledge went back to India for delivery. She was on my VISA and i must have been told before taking this decision of leaving UAE which did not happen. While i was waiting for their response and even mediating through my personal channel including Varun they did not hear us. They have now sent me a legal notice seeking divorce on the grounds of Cruelty. I am in UAE and i hail from Chennai and have no business in Delhi. If i decide not to take this head-on what happens is my first question? I will talk much in detail and seek your expert opinion once you are back to Chennai. Thanks for showing personal interest in helping me out. I have attached their email copy here and a file with few questions that had arised during my thought process. I have also attached scan copies of my Marriage certificates for your reference. Kindly guide me