Can I remarry after I get an Ex Party divorce decree?

I am Daniel from Tamil Nadu and I am a christian. I got married to my cousin on May 2015. We lived together for three months. My wife was not interested in the marriage but due to the compulsion she agreed for the marriage. Before marriage she was loving a person and hide it from us. Even after marriage she was talking to that person through phone. She wrote a mail to me saying that she is not interested to live with me and on August 2015, she ran away with that person. Now they both are living together. I have filed a case against on her and my lawyer says me that we can get a Ex party divorce decree. My question here are, 1. Now they both are living together, and didn't appear for two hearings. When will I get Ex party divorce decree? 2. Is there any time period for me to wait in order to another person? 3. If my wife files a case against me after I marry another person, is there any chances of blaming me? Note: I have Photos, mobile bills of my wife and the person she loves. Thank you.