When parents are alive who owns the house

Hi, I am a resident of Amar colony area. My dad has a ground floor and we are 4 children l, me being the youngest. 2 sisters married and sttled long time back lives somewhere else. 1 brother married and lives in the same Amar colony lajpat nagar 4 house with our parents. Parents are thankfully alive and healthy but my brother wanted me to move out after taking a sum.of 8 lakhs only as he was going to have a bab y soon so moved out on baby s birth but I was not happy with a sum he was offering so kept it on standby. He has been the head of the family for last 10 yrs approx (after my grandad passed away) as my dad is born epilepic and has been ill most of his life. Now I heard that he is harrasing my mom by recording her calls and listening to it he hardly allows my sister's to visit he has problem with my mom talking to me or my sister's. Whenever I visit he always sleeps on my bed saying he cannot sleep with baby. My mom told me today that he wants her to ask my dad to put our property in his name and he will buy a room for me somewhere. What does the law states about my share ?. Is there a law against this harrasment.? Thanks.