Land for dairy by NRI

I have seen very meaningful advice on this forum. Hope I can get some response to my below queries. 1. We are Three NRI youths want to start a dairy farm. Want to buy land in Rajasthan. what is the best way to buy land since A). we are NRI and as such we are not allowed to buy land or we can buy in Rajasthan 2). Also None of us is a farmer. 2. We want to buy land in name of family members of all three and then lease that land to our company where we will have equal partnership. 3. What documents are required to prove farmer status. Like my wife have an agriculture land in her name in Haryana , can she buy Agri land in Rajasthan then. she is otherwise a housewife with no income from any source. 4. If we start a dairy farm on Agri land as a company, will that be a considered a commercial activity. Do we will need to change the agri land status to commercial through change of land. or Dairy being a part of agri industry will not be considered a commercial activity. ( for info, we will start with 50 cows) If you can tell any other better way other than starting company , please reply . I would be very thankful. Looking forward to the advice. regards PG