Husband_Court notice_Divorce_Dont want get separated

Hello all, My name is Rashmi Patil aged 26 got married to Santhoshkumar K Patil aged 33 on (20.02.2014). His family consists of his parents, his elder brother's family residing in UK for past 15 years. My husband and me were very happy initially. His parents left for UK to visit their elder son in April 2014 for 5 months. We were happy till then. His parents were back and then started the differences, hi mom was always comparing me with the elder daughter-in -law with the looks, for the salary bracket and for the dowry she got. My husband never supported me. My husband behaves very good when both are alone, when his parents are here he acts, behaves different. He even sleeps away from me when they are here. Our suspection is that his elder brother is doing it for the sake of Property. My husband can never think of leaving me,i know him. Hi family members are making him do this. My husband never denies his family decisions. He now, has filed a divorce case against me and have sent me court notice where in have rejected the notice. Kindly suggest how do i save my marriage.