My Wife has not talked to me for more than 5 Months

My Name is Shyam ..I was married in Month of April '15 .My father in law came to my place and taken her daughter in Month of Aug'15. In start of Sep 15 My wife is blaming that i have discussed bedroom secrets with my mom and i do not want to you.My wife told these Information to her mother and father. I apologized in front of my wife and said that i will no more discuss this with my mother. I have gone many times to my wife's place to meet but my wife doesn't want to meet me and her parents also not giving her contact number we( me and my parents ) have tried to reach her by all the means but my wife has blocked all his contacts with us. My father in law not telling what has happened to my wife and also not giving correct information of my wife ( where is she? what she is doing ? ). I need to talk to my wife if she wants to live with me or not as I don't want to be separated with each other. what needs to be done ? how can I talk to my wife as her parents are not giving contact no and also not allowing me to meet her and convince her to come back.? Its more than 5 months now my father in law is not giving me contact no of my wife and not giving me correct information of her...Your suggestions will be really helpful