How to get my daughter back from my husband

I am women working in a private firm and have been married for 2 years and since the day my MIL drove me out of the house, I have been living separately from my husband for the last 6 months. And they took my daughter who was just 3 months from me. I have not able to see my daughter since then, i have tried and asking them to let see my daughter but they didn't allow me to see her. I am going through lots of pain and depressed since then. The following week after my MIL drove me out of the house , i went to get my daughter and collect my stuffs , but they didn't open the door so, i went again after a couple of days but daughter was not there in the house, they hid my baby somewhere else. I cried and beg them to give me my daughter but they told me that I will never get my daughter as it is their blood. I love my husband but he couldn't do anything or say anything to his mother. My mother law has been mentally harassing me with words, and every now then she would try to pick a fight on every little things. She even accuse me of stealing her clothes points a finger on my characters and even told me live with some random guy from the road. And my husband couldn't say anything but just listening to what her mother was saying to his wife. He thinks that she is the mother and I should always respect her no matter what. She doesn't like me and since i couldn't speak her dialect , she doesn't like me the more and thinks that I disrespect her and doesn't want to be part of the family. She doesn't let me visit my family nor doesn't want me to keep in contact with my family and give me a condition that If I want to stay in the house I have to break all my ties with my family. There was no peace in the house and i couldn't even sleep nor eat, scared that she would scold me or start picking a fight if i take a short nap with my new born baby or do anything. I always live in fear of her and since my husband couldn't say anything to her i have to apologies even for no reason. The money i earned were all spent on the family and i was left with nothing but a few bucks to buy my personal stuff only but i Still don't complain because its for the family. However, she thinks and wants that i should to transfer all my salary to her account which i denied. I don't feel like living without my daughter. I want to get my daughter back and i don 'know how to get her nor i don't want any press charges against the family. I just want my daughter back in my family. My husband wants to continue living with his mother and doesn't want to Can you please suggest how can i get my daughter back and what is the best way. I couldn't even afford to hire a lawyer to fight for custody.