Financial fraud scheme

Dear Sir I m involved in a fraud financial company unwillingly and with hlaf knowledge as an agent of the company. Where I promoted the company for collecting investment for the company. I have never recd any investment amount in my account except the commission from the company which is a propritory concern. Company owner paid me the commission on the basis of investment made by my clients. I have been told by the owner that he is doing trading in market with the investment amt and earning is good and on that basis he is able to pay lucrative returns to investors and commission to me.He also deducted the TDS on then said commission and I have filed income tax retturnes basis on that as a channel partner.After four years he said he is unable to pay as having income tax case,ED case and RBI restriction. But later on we came to know it was total fraud he did. Now few of investors filed a police complaint and its with EOW now. They called me as an agent and forcing mi that u did a intentional crime and preasurissing me. Pls guide me what should I do in this....m