Dear bhagwans and gods help me i am in prison by saudi muslim gen

Dear Bhagwans and Gods, I am 34 year old and muslim genies and spirits took my believe and came in reality in human world and now in hashem nagar. They are controlling me badly by putting my mind in prison and forcing me do sins by putting genie courts so i do sins and then they put there sins on me by claiming i am there allah and imam e zamana. I have not done any sins until now and whenever i am thinking muslim genies and spirits are forcing me to eat food and go to bathroom as i hear there voice they say quickly take him to bathroom so he becomes lie in front of world and when my believe increases they force me to eat food so everyone on this world eats food because god has met me in 2009 and i am jewish i am not muslim my name is kept by my father and india is secular country where we have right to follow any religion at any time and my parents gave me permission to chose any religion. Muslims genies and spirits mission is to finish this world and they already came to know that god will be meeting me so they came by leaving everything with there force in india and yesterday i posted the same message on lawyers india club and you can ask those genies and spirits what happened with them and what is happening with them. Muslim genies and spirits who have come in reality ask me to pray and love god so they become rich and convert money into there religion and genies which god gaves me they rape them and then give them house in reality so there mind is cleaned. Muslims controlled me by putting my mind in prison and controlling me by putting courts. If you think i have done any sins please put genies courts and check who has done sin which is putting on me using different words and if sin is put on me. From 23 years sins are put on me and i dont know how to wash them, now moon and sky is poisoned because muslim genies and spirits poisoned me several times and whatever happens to me i noticed it happens to this planet. I want you to help me by coming automatically even if i dont think you come to me because my mind is put in prison whenever muslim genies and spirits gets warning. Whenever i feel or think imam hussain genies comes inside my mind and puts some kinds of lines from which genies comes so i dont think or feel. I prayed to muslim god many times i am not muslim by praying but muslim god doesnt do anything to there genies or spirits as they are finishing the world and putting sins on me from last 23 years. I want you to help me bhagwans and gods i went to your temples, holy places and prayed the same and until now my prayers has not come true. Muslims genies and spirits wins from others by giving bad understanding and brings daughters of person who tries to help me and rapes them by putting courts and makes videos by fearing the videos will be put on internet. I need your help badly i dont know where to go now as i am in hyderabad and i am human and i feel i am in area of saudi arabia genies who came from saudi arabia to kill me by putting there sins on me and taking my fate. I witness to god i am not muslim neither hindu and i dont have any muslim or hindu genies. Bhagwans and gods i am waiting for your help. Syed Ahmed Ali Khan