Prevention of Atrocity complaint

Respected sir/madam, My wife was working in private hospital since 2014 feb to oct 2015 in bangalore. Her superior doctor tortured her by all means, but my wife sustained all those harassment due to professionalization. One bad day superior doctor got to know that my wife belongs to Scheduled caste and the torture intensified. My wife was so depressed and even thought of committing suicide. Somehow i consoled her and suggested her to give complaint to management. She wrote a written letter to management, but was no use. Then she sent mail quoting all those torture and humiliation to harassment committee of hospital. In the mail, at last column she quoted of filing Atrocity case on superior doctor. Even then, no action was taken instead after two months she was terminated from the job without notification. While appointment it was clearly mentioned that either way 3 months notice period is mandatory. We filed a complaint to nearest police station but they are not taking any action. My request to respected lawyer is: 1) The complaint given to management that we will file atrocity case of superior is threatening ? 2) Don't have any eye witness regarding the incident, will it stand? 3) Police is not taking any action? Kindly suggest what shall i do now? Vishwanath