From HDFC Bank - Credit Card which i have not utilised

Good Evening Sir, I am getting call from HDFC CC Department or who call me with private number without any natural number as we use in our daily life, i have clearly told them i was not that person to whom they are searching. They asked me information as they are given me credit card, Now using the same information they are harassing me. Even i told not to call me. They first Called me asked my name, age, date of birth, place, salary details and company details. I have appled for the Credit card, it was not issued. And after that i have been receiving the call stating that i have a credit card in year 2006 or 2007 or 2008 or 2010 exactly i don't know. That person to given me that information about whom they are searching it was not matching with my credential, Date of birth, age, previous job and maden name and address, even they are harassing me as i am the same person. And i had good track in Bajaj Fins lending, and icici bank and SBI i am using the credits card and personal loan as well. i am afraid of that by they own if they think or assume that i was the same personal then that will be problem for my financial position. if i does't have proper track then how can get all credit cards and personal loans MD Jahangir Pasha [deleted] all the credential are taken from Monster India .com as i am getting all the spam mails from as stating that they issue me the Card card and loans. As a common man every body have the right to get good job so i have posted my resume in job portals. but it was a trouble for me and i think there are many more case about the stealing of data from job portals and getting harassed by bank.