Way out

Hello, I got married in jan 2012. It was an arranged cum love marriage set up by the elders of the family. Unfortunately, we did not research on the background of my 'so called wife'. Ours was long distance relationship that went on for a year before we got married, we tried to meet at least once or twice in that time despite the distance. Before the marriage both of us had decided that i move across to her city and get a job and we build a life together there. My family did not object to this and i found a job a month after the marriage and moved across. We had a small ceremony which was to be followed by a big reception a few months later. After receiving a job, my visa application took some time in this time my wife and i started having issues. She threatened not to associate with my family, kept talking about the fact that i had a low salary (even though i am a sr. manager with a decent income) and at every point asked for a divorce or annulment whenever we fought. I tried my best to reason out but nothing work. I even tried to involve her family who threw their hands up saying it was my problem and that if divorce/annulment is what she wants give it to her. This issue continued for a few months. It got to a point that i was reluctant to leave everything behind and move and re start a new life in a country i had never been to. However, since i had got a job i decided to go through with it and thought being physically closer it would help settle issues. Point to note was that she lived in another city and i received an offer in another. She had promised to leave her job and move but instead before me arriving said that i should find a place for myself as she is no longer interested in leaving her job and she does not want to move in with me. Eventually she blocked me off all communication - social media and said that if i wanted to communicate it should only be about the divorce or annulment and via email. I still tried to pursue her via email (as she did not respond to texts or calls) but with no result. Eventually, i felt cheated..alone and mentally disturbed. I then spoke to a lawyer back home to who sent me annulment copies. Once the same was emailed to her she changed her mind instantly telling me she wanted me back on her own terms. I found all this suspicious eventually when no amount of emotions worked, she threatened for compensation amounting 5 crore rupees for a broken marriage. Besides the above info, i also know the following: 1. Her mother was married 4 times and divorced within a few years of each as well as has had multiple relationships. This was hidden from us until very recently 2. I have all conversations documented via whatsapp chats, emails etc. 3. She has tried to go back on matrimonial sites to re register herself possibly looking for her next groom. 4. We have never lived together under the same roof post marriage. I am sick and tired of this and need help to sort this matter. Whats my best option?