Rights on husband property

Hi I am married for 3 years . My husband has hardly gave me any support. All his insurance policies and everything were set with his mother as nominee. He lives in rented apartment but paying EMI for her mothers home in his hometown. I do not have anything against this but when it come to my future security I have questions #1 He has some property on his name .Because I am his lawful wife. Do I own any kind of rights on that #2 The home which he is making and paying for. Do I hold any legal right on that #3 All nominations etc . Do you think I own any right on his assets or money #4 What legal rights I have . I am earning women. I do not want or have greed of anything. We do not have kids but looking at what current scenario is . I am worried how secure future will be for my kid Again . I never had or issues with my husband paying or sharing his money with his mother .I am concerned with my future. Btw .his father and mother are both alive. I almost have daily arguments around these topics but I fail to understand whether I should go for separation or something because this arguments are killing my day in and out . I have my job but if my married life does not give me any security , It doesn't make sense to be married.