Bail in 420 & 120b

One of my friend had taken money from a person who was a fraud who used to take money from common people saying that he will get them employed in government job of data entry. My friend had firm which used to apply for tender for mass data entry projects in different government office. So for that work my friend once asked his friend that if he has some good people for working. But the other friend told the people that he is having them employed in permanent government job and he and his gang gave the people fake appointment letter and other documents and took money from them. When the tender got over people came to know that they were cheated and complained in police. Now once my friend needed money so he asked help from his frauad friend as he didn't knew he was fraud. Now when the police caught the fraud friend he took name of my friend also that he took money too and wad a partner which was lie. But the police beat him and he gave the statement that he took the money to prevent beating. Now 420 & 120b are filed against him so please tell what to do my friend took money 2 years ago and complaint is registered few day ago.