Salary issuance

I got admitted to the hoaoital, I informed my manager and tam leader as well. They asked me for proof of admission, I sent some snapshots of my admission file and some pages as well via whatsapp. When I got diacharge I was advised to take rest so I went back to my hometown. Again I informed my team leader and intimated this. While moving to my hometown I lost my luggage, cell phone and wallet. I was not able to contact my organization because I didn't have any number. Again I fell ill after reaching my home. I was there for two months. I came back and informed my manager and wished to rejoin. He asked me to contact HR. When I talked to him and explained it, he told that I need to submit those docs again. Again I submitted my whole docs. Now it has been one month since I am just listening that, "call me tomorrow or come tomorrow in the organization". They are not getting me join in that process and saying that I am being counted as absconded so I shall not get my outstanding salary which is due for the month of august. I worked for the complete month and also it has been four months from the date when i was present last time. If I am absconded still they should have credited my outstanding salary after deduction (if that is applicable) till the time as it's been four months. Again HR is asking me to go through the interview process, then he will think about my salary. I mean to say I have submitted all the docs twice, I have given my email address, alternate contact numbers and my complete permanent address at the joining. But they didn't contact me via any medium, even they are not getting me join in the same procees. How can they consider me as absconded? How can I get my salary issued and complete my F&F with the company?