Stopping of Road and filling false civil case for partition

I bought a land 12 years ago. There is no official road to my land. At the time of purchase my ex land owners showed me some road and said that particular road is the approach road to his land and lands adjoining to it till the nearest main roads(official road) are his lands and his brothers land and hence i will not face any problem.I was happily using the same road since past 10 years without any problem. Due to some quarrel among the brothers they stopped my passage to the land. Now they are demanding around 25% of land for smooth passage Moreover we did not heed to his demands and so his son and 25 others( Sons & daughters of the Ex Owner and his brothers) filed a case of partition claiming that the land is ancestral and their fathers have acquired it from their Grand father and hence they have got a right in that land. Flow of title: Father of Ex owner acquired land through PT act 1956 in the year 1970.He died in the year 1990 and his four sons got the rights transfered in their name.One of the sons sold the land to us through registered sale deed.