Under sec. 307 & 27 arms act

Hi All, My question is In IPC 148,149, 307, 379,27arms act etc Case, ln this FIR Informant says on dtd [deleted] after leaving XYZ Train at 19:00 , He came out to station and after walking parallel to railway track he reached at a certain place at 19:15 where ABCD&E were hiding in bushes. After indetifing him. A snached my mobile B&C looted money and D&E starts firing to him where One bullet hits him and He felt down then everyone ran away as they think he is dead.But after sometime. he stands up and reached his home "kisi tarah". After reaching home his faimly member took him in a Private hospital (certificate is annexed in court record) but for better treatment that private hospital refers to Govt. hospital and he treated there. he was unconsious for 4 days and now he's feeling well and lodging his fardbayan in front of his younger brother. In cross examination of informant. He admitts that XYZ Train reached the station at 17:58. He reached his home by Auto rickshaw by help of Unknown person. 1st time on dtd [deleted] he visits that private hospital. That area is low croweded area but no eyewitness find He shows that incident area to the Investigation officer. He shows cloths to the I.O. Cross examination of Investigation officer admits that He never found any eye witness. All witnesses are victim's relatives and friends and supports victim's statement but none of them are eyewitness. Though the place of occurrence is in low crowded area and almost 2 KM away from victim's home . No Blood , bullet were found. No seizure list made of Victim's cloths and bullets. Only on the basis of victim and his relatives statement the charge sheet is filled. Cross examination of Medical Officer ,he admits that Medical is grievous small wound fire arm found. No gun powder found. Cloths and other things aren't send to FSL And there is no seizure of bullet. Actually, Victim is my step uncle's son and he was also filled two criminal cases before this case and have same witnesses. Victim's father also filled Tiltle partition suit and to generate pressure on us this false case is lodged. What will be judgement of this case ? Can we get Aquittal ? Are these materials help us ? If convicted everybody gets same punishments ? Please reply.