Denying share of property

Dear Sir, I seek an advice on my property issues which has become a perplexed issue. We are two brothers and parent in my family. As a member of the family, i should be given share of property, whenever sold of our ancestral land. but it is not happening, they sold the property not even think to inform me. and whenever ask for money they told that there is no money. In this ways they sold property worth 1 crore and they invested in personal ventures, my brother has purchased his land and my parent running own business. both used to tell they are having lose so they usually selling land. I am working with G.O.B on contract basis, i get a salary, that is not enough and short of my expenses as i am married and also has on child who need proper schooling. Even knowing these fact by family, they are not bother to take me in confidence for selling any land. Now a day, i get more painful if they ask me to demand dowry of my wife side for any financial requirement. They also raise question about my education what he has spend on that. In name of that, he has sold worth 1 crore of land and put in their bank account. now they are telling they will not give a single penny and dare me to do whatever i can do.. Everything looks normal if i didn't ask for my share, whenever asked any thing, they start fighting. It seems case of debarred me of my property right on name of dowry and on my education. Note : I have not put signature on any document whenever they have sold the ancestral property. Please help on this regard, what is the solution of this. Thanks & regards, Mithilesh Kumar