Summons notice

My marriage had failed due to my husbands impotency (it was hidden right from our marriage). we had constant fights and husband alone with my Mother in law tortured me mentally. my husband and mother in law didn't want us to have kids even through medical aid. (we did not have any physical relationship cos of his impotency and he fights happened mainly when I insisted on visiting the doc) I was asked to leave the house many times. I had left the house and stayed in my brother's house couple of time. last year my husband had contacted a lawyer for divorce by mutual consent. but then we didn't go ahead and though we will work it out. but since there was nothing left in the marriage except constant fights, I had lost all hopes towards it. was spending my time as I had no where to go not had any family support. but I fell in love with an old friend about 5 mths back and we became close. we used to chat and met up coffee sometimes. things at my house went beyond control and I had to leave the house. after living the house me and my friend went out on a day's trip and we had our time. now my husband has got to know abt this. he has the chat logs and ph call records. I want a divorce and want it through MCD. I have told my husband I do not want any money but he now has filled a case again me and my boyfriend. cruelty and adultery. my question here is as below - name on the summons notice of my BF is wrong and hence it was not taken. last week, 2nd time the notice had gone to him and he has not take it. want to what will happen next will the new paper notice be with the photo? I am told that I can put the counter case of DV against my husband (that had happened truly) and talk it out in mediation. when talked to my husband saying lets go with MCD he says openly that he wants to punish me and by BF. I do not have any proof to prove his impotency. but we have never had any physical relationship ever. what can I do with that