Quashing of 498A after mutual divorce

My wife filed 498A against my family and me, then I filed divorce case against her and got decree of judicial separation in that (exparte). Later under 498A, reconciling was done and she agreed to stay at my home with me and after three months, the 498A was compromised and withdrawn. Then we filed mutual divorce and she was paid the alimony amount using cheque in the court. After one year of the decree of mutual divorce, I got remarried and have a daughter from second marriage. Now my ex-wife father is blackmailing me for money and as a result filed a 498A at my hometown and also at his home town. The one filed at my home town, the police has filed its final report stating the 498A to be false and asked the court to constitue sec 182 and 211 on my ex father in law. Before the police finalization, all the members had already got bail in the case. Now for the second case at his home town, I am planning to file for quash of 498A. What should I do, should I file or not, secondly what could be the best grounds for quash. Please suggest.