Dues not paid

Hi, I work(ed) for a start-up food delivery company in Mumbai and resigned last week after being the first employee of the company and joined in March 2015, we started customer operations in July. I was never given an appointment letter or anything in writing to indicate that i worked for the company after repeated requests to my boss who is also the owner of the company and the MD of another company. I could see that the company was never going to take off the ground and the owner involved in petty politics rather than showing interest in running the business and making it successful. I resigned last week and asked for the procedure for handover if required and any other formalities ( in the absence of anything in writing ) but to-date there has been no communication of any sort on the part of the owner or his wife who is the Founder of the company. They deducted 25% of my salary for 2 months this year for tax saying that it is standard ? I have a little baby and a wife at home and house rent to pay and put that in the letter too asking them for a quick settlement. I was the General Manager - Affiliations. What should be my course of action now ? Please advise.