Regarding Divorce, Child custody and maintenance

I am in process to file petition for divorce after 5 years of marriage. Last dec I was blessed with a daughter. There have been constant disturbance n conflict between me n my husband. His family involvement in our personal life and financial issues have always been key topics for our fights. After the daughter was born the fights increased and my husband not accepting responsibilites towards her made me feel helpless and so i left him. Against one of my FD he had taken an OD promising to pay the money in EMI's to the bank, which he has not been doing after initial 3-4 installments paid by him. He is a private tutor. His income is all in cash to which I hav no proof. Kindly guide me to the below queries: 1. How do i prove his income to get maintenance and alimony? 2. The instalments he is not paying so bank will liquidate my FD as it was the security. How do I get that Money back from him. 3. All my and my child's jewellery given from my mom's side and his family is with him which they are not ready to return. 4. If I take up job now will I not be entitled to get alimony and child support? 5. I dont want my daughter's custody to go to my husband. Please help with these areas as soon as possible.