Girl Want divoce

My friend is married in 3 june 2013 she has love marriage. from the 3rd day of her marriage his husband started beating her and her mother in law and his husband always commenting her regarding dowery(like we didn't got anything from your mother side).this is contiuned till 10 days after that she warned her husbanddon't beat me otherwise I will file complain against you and she came her mother's home.after 2 days he came her home and took her with him and further same thing is continued till 3 months like mental torture,abuse her and her family etc. after 3 month of torture she took a step and started to leave alone and she started doing job,now she is living in delhi and earning only 7k which is not sufficient for her,but that time she didn't file any complain and didn't sent any notice.After 2 month one notice came from his husband side to come to home.dates are going girl always come in every date but his husband never came,she told her lawyer to call his husband,his laywer even didn't sent a single notice to his husband.He(lawyer) just asked his mother in law why he is not coming, his mother in law said he is in foreign he can't come. Just 2 days ago he told his lawyer I want my jewelry from my in laws side,my all jewelry is there.his lawyer didn't send a notice just asked them and they are saying we don't have anything. Please suggest us in that case what we have to do? Can she file the police complain now after that much gap.if she send a notice for divorce first then that case is she get anything for her maintenance of life?