Divorce By mutual concent applied long back

Me & my wife applied for Divorce in the year 2008 under mutual consent in Mumbai. After that none of us visited the court. IN between we lived together and separated number of times we have a Daughter who is 6 years now and now we both know that we cant live with this condition any more.Now we live in Maharashtra not in Mumbai ,so please suggest how we can go about it can we give reference of the 2008 requisition of mutual consent and get this over fast or we have to still wait for the months as she also wants to move on.She ask for big amounts as monthly alimony when we discuss about divorce she is earning well. She just wants me to fulfill her requirements. I am a Hindu and I don't have religious freedom at home as well and am asked directly and indirectly that for peace in family u should convert to Christianity, which I m not willing to and want to close this relation ASAP. She fights for Pity issues and however the Day goes it ends up as a sad and unhappy one in the Night. I just want to Close this ASAP. I heard somewhere that we can get Divorce in One Month as well is it possible in our Case. We are married under Hindu marriage act and not special marriage act. Please Suggest