Can a unregistered association shut down lift facility at night

My grandparents are facing a lot of problems for the past few months. The apartment in which they are residing is unregistered. For the past 5 months the association suddenly decided to shut down lift service at night... Both my grandparents are old, my grand mother suffers from arthritis and my grand father suffers from multiple organ disorder. They stay on the top floor.. My parents stay away due to work n I stay away due to my studies... so if there is an emergency then everything would be in God's hand... After reaptedly informing the association that my grandparents are old they sticked to their discision... They always have problem with us because we are the only tenant in that building... Our land lord have shaked hands with the association to vacate the place.... But we have an injunction order for the court... So they are harassing my grandparents like this... The association strictly ordered the security gard not allow anyone to use the lift after 10:30pm and more over they lock the lift till 9 am next morning....moreover we don't have any dues left the rent and maintenance charges are both up to date...can they do like this??? How can I stop them form doing this and get the lift service for 24 hrs????